The SASSI publishing house, founded in 2006 with publications on art and photography at an international level, has since 2010 developed an original publishing programme aimed entirely at children. Always inspired by a concept of material sustainability, it began printing with soy inks on recycled paper as early as 2010 and now publishes all its books on FSC-certified paper, uses very little plastic and aims to use almost exclusively eco-sustainable materials by 2022.


The children's publishing programme, which initially focused on toy-books, has diversified over time into picture books and more recently into fiction for children aged 9 and over. The motto of the publishing house is "learning while having fun", and thanks to this playful-educational approach, SASSI has become a leader in Italy and worldwide in the particular niche of the toy-book market.


SASSI has a regular publishing programme in Italian, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese-Brazilian, with its own distribution in Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Brazil, while in Spain and South America it has an industrial agreement with a Spanish publisher. Through co-publishing contracts concluded at major international trade fairs, the publishing house has translated its books into more than 30 languages and exports English and French-language volumes to 50 countries worldwide. 


SASSI has always believed in innovation and creativity, and over time has built a creative workshop, a SUPER-LAB, within the publishing house, where a team of editors, illustrators and, more recently, an engineer specialising in three-dimensional modelling, creates unique, original, innovative products that are increasingly imitated in Italy and abroad.


In the recent prospect of developing the editorial program also with volumes of authorial value, SASSI has initiated collaborations with important authors and illustrators, both Italian and foreign, some already established others "discovered" by the publishing house. These include the Carlotta series by Alice Pantermüller, which has sold more than three million copies in Germany and is also enjoying great success in Italy, and the illustrated book The Gardener’s Dreams by Claudio Gobbetti, which is a real publishing success story with more than 40,000 copies sold, as well as other important authors such as Britta Teckentrup, Emma Yarlett, Matteo Gaule, Anna Laura Cantone, Laura Carusino, Susy Zanella, Michele Rizzardi, Diyana Nikolova, Cristiana Soriana, Brian Freschi, Giulia Pintus.