Save the Planet. The Amazon


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This book will teach you about one of the world’s most fascinating—but also most fragile—habitats and teach you what we can all do to protect it. The book is accompanied by a detailed puzzle that will challenge you as you learn.

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Earth is a planet filled with marvels. It is home to many different habitats, each with its own amazing variety of unique animal and plant species. Yet many of those habitats are at serious risk.  One of these is the Amazon. Threatened by fire and deforestation, the Earth’s “lungs” may disappear completely—taking with them the fauna and flora that live there. The impact would be disastrous for humanity. What steps can we take to prevent the destruction of the Amazon? Learn what you can do in this fascinating book, and assemble the detailed 220-piece puzzle!

Data sheet

Author V. Bonaguro, E. Lorenzi
Pages 32
Themes Nature
Ages 6+
Language English
Width 39 cm
Height 32 cm
ISBN 9788830304765

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