Il corvo e il gatto


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A thrilling book about the value of freedom.

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Every morning, the cat gazed out the window and watched a raven fly. Seeing the bird soar on black feathered wings, the cat dreamed of being free. The cat never got to go outside and was stuck within those four walls. The cat’s owner was a teacher. She was as friendly as a Venus flytrap. She spent all day marking up homework with her red pen. She insisted on complete silence and did not want to be disturbed! How will Jack the raven free his feline friend from the clutches of a mean teacher? With some clever ideas and a good dose of courage!

Data sheet

Author C. Marsi, M. Rizzardi
Pages 40
Themes Fantasy
Ages 5+
Language Italian
Width 23 cm
Height 28 cm
ISBN 9788830307803

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