Il Treno Spaziale
Il Treno Spaziale
Il Treno Spaziale
Il Treno Spaziale
Il Treno Spaziale

Il treno spaziale


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A book with fine illustrations for real science fiction lovers.

This book is in Italian. Available now
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Giacomo lives in a space station at the edge of a Galaxy with his grandmother and a chicken robot named Derek. Their life goes by quietly, if a little boringly, until, well hidden in a hangar, they find the remains of the famous Space Train. After many difficulties they manage to put it into action and set off on an intergalactic journey, where they will meet many new friends!

Data sheet

Author M. Powell-Tuck, K. J. Mountford
Pages 32
Themes Fantasy
Ages 5+
Language Italian
Width 25 cm
Height 28,5 cm
ISBN 9788868607982

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