Non ti buttare, Larry!
Non ti buttare, Larry!
Non ti buttare, Larry!
Non ti buttare, Larry!
Non ti buttare, Larry!
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A story of uniqueness and non-conformity, which gently and ironically teaches how to express one's personality.

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Lemmings are very unusual animals: they all have the same name, they all behave in the same way and, basically, they are all the same. It is even said that if a lemming decides to throw himself off a cliff... all his fellow lemmings follow him in his unfortunate idea! Only one of these small arctic rodents has a rather different character: he wants to be called Larry, eats pizza and dresses extravagantly. Larry, in short, can think for himself... until one day, infected by his bizarre cheerfulness, even his friends start to question their habits!

Data sheet

Author J. Briggs, N. Slater
Pages 30
Themes Friendship
Ages 5+
Language Italian
Width 21,5 cm
Height 26,5 cm
ISBN 9788868607593

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