Le (stra)ordinarie (dis)avventure di Carlotta. Lama o non l'ama


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Here's a new (mis)adventure! Carlotta and her class are ready for a fantastic trip: lots of surprises, new friends and... a llama!

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How wonderful! Yesterday we left on a class trip with Professor Cantacesso and Professor Migliori. We are staying for a week at the Caprarida family's educational farm on Capretti Island. They are real barons and have lots of different animals: seagulls, fish, horses and even a llama. It's a pity that we also have those third-graders with us, who give us a hard time - especially Paolo. If they don't stop, we'll have to team up with the stupid girls from the flock and even the Rockers! Luckily I brought along my anti-Berenice spray for safety... and my Indian flute!

Data sheet

Author A. Pantermüller, D. Kohl
Pages 160
Themes Narrative
Ages 8+
Language Italian
Width 14 cm
Height 21 cm
ISBN 9788830307032

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