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About the Authors/Illustrators


alberto Borgo

Alberto Borgo, who studied at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, has been a graphic designer for 20 years. In that time he has created marketing campaigns, catalogues, logos, graphics, print advertising and more. Since 2017 he has worked with Sassi Editore, where he enjoys combining the precision-based graphic design process with creativity and imagination to craft a wide range of illustrations.


irene Guerrieri

Born in Rome in 1968, Irene Guerrieri earned a degree in architecture in 1992. Her work focuses on design for young children. She has worked with many major companies all over the world in planning children’s product lines and has also worked with several different children’s books publishers. Highlights include her design for the wood and fabric Zookids line for Sevi/Trudi, winner of a 2002 Compasso d’Oro award from ADI Index Design. A mother of five, she is currently working on creative and teaching games for preschool-age children. She has won numerous prizes in the design and illustration fields, in addition to contributing to leading trade magazines. She also nurtures a longstanding interest in watercolors.


mathew Neil

Mathew Neil works as a children’s book author and illustrator. His cheerful style, simple yet refined technique and light, playful writing have been featured in several top-selling books and reading toys. For Sassi Junior he has created game/book sets, puzzles, book towers and other products with educational rhyming stories for school-age and preschool-age children. His titles include Noah’s Ark, Read and Learn, Nature Eco-Blocks and Hey! I Can Read.


matteo Gaule

Matteo Gaule, freelance illustrator, was born in 1969 and earned credentials from a specialized art high school as well as in advertising graphics. An illustration, animation and comic art enthusiast, he works on children’s books and other projects for young people as an illustrator and graphic artist. Gaule has worked with many publishers, including La Spiga Edizioni, Sassi Junior, Mammeonline, Valentina Edizioni and Archeidos.


milena Zanotelli

Milena Zanotelli is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with more than twenty years of experience in communications. She has created advertising campaigns, integrated images, books and other publications and type design for communications agencies, graphic design studios and both public- and private-sector organizations. She has been involved with and published work in numerous publications, exhibitions, happenings and workshops. Her work has appeared in Inguine Mah!gazine and on books from Sottomondo Edizioni, Sassi Junior, AlterVox Edizioni, Edizioni Il Ponte del Sale, Edicolors, Edicions De Ponent and Carta. She has taught computer graphics since 2001 and currently teaches decoration techniques and technology at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice.


nadia Fabris

Since graduating at the top of her class at the Diskos graphic design and communications school in Schio, Italy, Nadia Fabris has demonstrated a passionate commitment to using her skills in various work environments. She is currently a graphic designer for the publisher Sassi Editore in the Vicenza, Italy area, where she employs her skills to expand the boundaries of illustration for children.


simon Miller

Simon Miller is a graphic designer and freelance illustrator of children’s books and games. His simple yet effective illustrations are designed to inspire creativity and have made him an emerging leader in the world of illustration. Since 2002, he has worked with major Italian publishers and has crafted giant puzzles, 3D puzzles and interactive books. In addition to illustration, he develops technology and manufacturing techniques for books and other products, and he has studied packaging communication and advanced printing and preprinting techniques.


valentina Manuzzato

Valentina Manuzzato earned a master’s in advertising graphics and web design in 2015 and has established her own unique design style. For Sassi Editore she has created exciting giant puzzles, 3D puzzles and pop-ups. She enjoys working independently and finds inspiration in solitude.



ester Tomè

Ester Tomè holds a degree in modern philology from the University of Verona and is an editor at Sassi Editore. With the press she has published Portugal (2015), America’s National Parks (2017) and she has also written numerous books for children, including rhyming books and stories.


irena Trevisan

Irena Trevisan holds a degree in archeology with a concentration in classical world history. An expert in Greek and Roman art and culture, she has worked with museums and publishers on volumes about the ancient world. With Sassi Editore she published the photography book The Wonders of the World (2015), and she has also authored numerous books and games for children and young adults. She works as an editor, translator and writer.


valentina Bonaguro

Valentina Bonaguro holds a publishing and journalism degree from the University of Verona and has worked as an editor and content manager for many publishers and communications firms in the Veneto region. As an editor and writer for Sassi Editore, she focuses on history, art, illustration and travel, and she has also worked on a number of titles in the Sassi Junior and Sassi Science imprints.


valentina Facci

Valentina Facci earned a degree in art and archeology from the University of Verona in 2013. She has catalogued historic buildings for the Commission for Architectural and Landscape Heritage for the Provinces of Verona, Rovigo and Vicenza.

Since 2015 she has worked as a writer and translator of children’s books at Sassi Editore. For the same press she has also written books for an adult audience, including London (2016), Spain (2016) and Patagonia: The Edge of the World (2017). She has written and edited many other works on travel and art, with a focus on photography.